Wednesday, May 26, 2010

optimistically avoiding..*

would anyone like to teach mona to surf this week?

tonight is the SATC2 premiere, yay suiting up! but if someone would like to take me here instead, that would much appreciated*

jo, you made my day :) no, my week.. thank you for your romantic package! and yes, i will join your soccer team. bc im super pro! love you*
the greatest feeling: getting flowers. (why yes, you are welcome to buy me flowers anytime. and yes, they are expected on my birthday. thank you for asking)
i feel like.. watching the hannahmontana movie. and harry potter one . and then four. i feel like i just made my weekend plans.
i keep: making more tea. buying jellytots. five things with me at all times [a letter from her. a poem by him. a photo of the sunset on my birthday. a letter from my dad. my journal.].
happy birthday stefan :)
enchantedhappy xoxo

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