Tuesday, November 24, 2009

where you lead i will follow*

i love gilmore girls. i miss gilmore girls. i want gilmore girls. i think i will have a gilmore girls marathon.. yes, i have much free time. i will occupy myself with the wonder of Star's Hollow.
such a beautiful floral suitcase. and a wonderful chest of drawers :)
cute shoes :)

heeeey, i made a bag like this... well, out of maps.. for my design prac once.. hmm. and yes, i would like to escape. atleast for a moment :)
more travelling photos.. and beautiful suitcases* so many people are leaving... i want to go,too. to austria and italy and on a cruise and into the wilderness! no, actually i don't. not today. today i want to be in new york. at sunset. in the most beautiful shoes in the world. and i want to eat jelly. not the powder, the mixed-up-and-put-in-the-fridge kind, surprisingly. i want to be with my friends.
it's almost christmas.. yay! i love this time of year. despite your claims that it's overrated, M. i am going to eat so many mince pies :) yay yay my daddy bought a whole tray for me! i'm going to go put my reindeer alice band on again. and dance around to carols. and maybe blow up some balloons! oh happy birthday, cousin-who-is-now-a-husband*
embrace the magic xoxo

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