Sunday, November 15, 2009

seasons of love*

i dont know why, but it would only focus on the leaf, not the flower. gosh* but now i kinda like it.

so the sun is out again :) and i thought id celebrate with some flower photos. lol il put some exciting ones up soon wen i have time to look through the hundreds i took at Spier. i really only feel like doing one thing right now, -going to the beach! (which reminds me, iv gotta go buy the beautiful bikini i found) but alas, i am stuck at home. not studying. and watching Hairspray over and over (which i am enjoying more each time) i may or may not go tan outside though..
i bought the December issue of Elle SA yesterday. wow Lilly Allen is looking wow. will try put the shoot up sometime. made me even more desperate to dye my hair darker, even tho everyone says i should go light again. i can't decide.. the tanned/light brown hair vibe is happy for summer. but i kinda want the intensity of dark hair. oh well, we'll see.
oh, in the elle there was an article on the stylerookie, Tavi. flip, i am super envious of her. i always knew her blog was popular, but wow she is living the fashion dream. fashion week, and she is thirteen!! wow. i feel so insignificant in comparison to her.. lol. but my heart is smiling bc i received another delightful and long message from my dear friend, miss adachi. i eagerly await the package which she sent me :)
embrace the sunshine xoxo

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