Monday, November 23, 2009

all of the above*

yes please! very much so. especially option D. especially tonight.. *sigh* im reading three books at the moment: The Tenth Circle (loooove jodi picoult's books) , Love, Stargirl (thanks maryjane, its magical) and Faith Like Potatoes (i met the film's director, and the story's inspirational, so i figured i should read the book before i see the movie..) and i hardly have time to read them.. i get so caught up in reading them but then *bang* i have life to do. (ugh) or i fall asleep. but yay soon i will be free .. im so excited to have more time to read. so many books iv got waiting to finish :)
i want pink hair. and im not sure if im serious or not. but there's something incredibly exciting and intruiging about it. i kinda always wanted a pink bob. (like an Anne Hathaway-long-bob, not like a lil bob..) but aaah haha i wonder if il actually ever do it. maybe for a week*

i just want to live free happy there. that's all. nothing else. right now. forever. that would be so perfect right now...*
enchantedhappy xoxo

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