Monday, October 26, 2009

who u are is falling over me*

so today is the beginning of finals. not for me, but in general. lol. and my design exhibition is being marked today. which means im one step closer to being rid of it forever. yes, please! i'm so exhausted. but i must study. apparently it stormed hecticli lastnight. i didn't notice at all. wierd.

i'm really not in the mood to study. i just want to sleep and eat icecream. but reality must settle in at some point. lame. yes, i am in a strange mood. people are having interesting effects on me this afternoon*

anyway, have a magical week xoxo

1 comment:

myrunawayworld said...

i have a theory about the "not noticing the storm that was OVB loud last night" thing

your deaf

you may love...

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