Sunday, October 4, 2009

look for the girl with the sunshine in her eyes*

this is kinda how im feeling these days. not in an emo way.. it's actually been kinda refreshing*

ooh so im looking for beautiful images for my design prac.. it's been quite fun! i may or may not be getting carried away. but im finding pretty things, so im allowing myself to indulge :)

im still tryna figure out how to do these hearts.. T says it's all on photoshop, but it's just not coming to me.. so for now, i embrace the photos of those who can*

this is so beautiful. i used to want to get married on the beach. but wow. new plan! i just want to take hundreds of photos there, in my pretty gown.. lol. aah im so not the plan-my-wedding kinda girl, whats goin on here?!

ah sunset. and swinging. yay xoxo

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