Sunday, September 20, 2009

i want*

    so it's my birthday soon. and i've been thinking.. what do i really truly want..?
    realistic, unrealistic, sometimes, desperately..

  • a ghd
  • to be a ballerina
  • a wonderful relationship with my family. not to disappoint them

  • hershey's kisses

  • strawberry saltwater taffy

  • an islc reunion

  • a masked ball, gossipgirl style. without the drama

  • the ultimate halloween party

  • the hannah montana movie dvd

  • to go to college in the states

  • 17 again dvd

  • fame (the good kind)

  • the jonas brothers concert experience dvd

  • thin, bright-coloured studded bangles

  • the ultimate lil leather jacket

  • the new jonas brothers cd (yes, i still dont have it. it's shocking!)

  • a skermunkil necklace

  • long hair

  • a laptop. apple, please :)

  • nicholas kirkwood shoes

  • karen walker dresses

  • unlimited internet access

  • teen vogue subscription

  • you to write a song for me

  • nylon subscription
  • to always be tanned
  • to be able to sing so well that people are like 'woah'
  • him to fall in love with me

  • an internship at teenvogue or nylon

  • a lifetime supply of high-waisted skirts

  • and beautiful dresses

  • and music

  • and bright coloured nailpolish
  • and money

  • and eyeliner
  • hair like my cousin, C

  • the purple chiffon dress worn by brittany snow in 'the valley' episode of gossipgirl
  • and the strapless lace dress taylor momsen wears in the graduation episode of gossipgirl

  • neon, black and white tomy takkies

  • black converse hi-tops

  • exciting new perfume

  • to be as musically talented as nick jonas

  • nick jonas

  • celebrity bestfriends

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