Wednesday, September 16, 2009

haaave you met ted?*

the title is a reference to a pick-up line from the show How I Met Your Mother.. my brother, his best friend and i pretty much live HIMYM.. it's brilliant and funny :)

anyway, this is them (my brother and his best friend, who's basically my brother, too) .. they are often the subject of my photos.. once we were driving past a vintage car and they were in suits so i told them to get out so i could shoot them with the car quickly, it turned out very hugh dancy-in-his-burberry-ad! i love it* but they all got deleted, LAME so i plan to reshoot it soon..

the first photo was taken when we were on holiday. a friend told them of this "really cool way to roll down a hill".. turned out to be a really easy way to break your neck, so they had to stop.. haha but i got some cool pics of it before it turned potentially ugly.

the photos below are of them in my room, i thought they looked cool*

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