Sunday, October 12, 2008

he's challenged my ideals. and im loving it

im usually against the whole middleman vibe of someone telling the boy i like that i like him, coz that just strange to me.. but the one time it happens (thanks starpersongirl) im actually so happy!!! everything i am usually quite sure i dnt want to happen, is happenin. but im loving it.

he lives five hours away.. but thats not a major issue* he comes down often, though. we were goin to go on exchange to argentina together, but iv postponed mine til next year..
so il only c him in 7 weeks. for a weekend. and then he goes to argentina for 7 weeks.

but it shall be worth it. i really like him.

he asked wat we were to eachother, and we came to the conclusion that we'd b 'together'.. still not sure wat it means wen ppl say it, but i dont want to b like ' ur my boyfriend now'. i want him to ask me. and in person.. yeah*

and im glad he's not bein all lame and cheesy as some boys do wen the relationship changes from friendship to more. its jus normal n cool .. but awesum*

enchantedhappy forever xoxo

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